Monday, November 26, 2007


Dapatkan Video Demo Permormance kami, yang diambil
oleh felix(Siluwed)dengan menggunakan video dengan
resolusi tinggi.
Tinggalkan Alamat ,Tanggal Menikah,Waktu,dan Tempat
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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

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Drum Set.Keyboard/Electric Piano,Melody&Bass Guitar,Amplifier

STARTING FROM Rp.2.000.000.-nett


Floor Stand Aircond(AC)

5PK =Rp.750.000.-(Harga Normal Rp.1.100.000)

3PK=Rp.450.000.-(Harga Normal Rp.750.000)

Brand New Unit!!!


Promosi Rental Projector+Screen:
3500Ansi Lumen + 2x3 Screen Rp.1.900.000-
5000Ansi Lumen + 3x4 Screen Rp.2.900.000.- (NEC,HITACHI)
10.000Ansi Lumen + 4x6 Screen Rp.5.500.000.- (Giant Screen)-(PANASONIC,SANYO)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

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My name is Philippe, I'm french and I have been living in Jakarta for the last 3 years. I work for PALYJA, the private partner of PAM Jaya (Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum) for western Jakarta.
Yesterday night, I was invited to the wedding party of Elquino & Viona . I had the chance to listen to your band. I'm a fan of jazz, fusion & jazzy music and let me congratulate you for your performance (your version of just two of us from Groover Washington was just brilliant !).
I know that it is not always easy to play for people who don't really listen ....
Having said that, there were definitively a lot of people paying attention to your music . I sometimes organize gigs in my home with other orang bule (Prancis) in Kemang (I have a pop/rock band and I play guitar as an amateur) and I would be happy to contact your band sometimes in the future.
I organized in the past a gig with a few indonesian jazz musicians. In the meantime, I'm trying to get in touch with Sherin (is it the right spelling ?) your singer that I briefly met yesterday.
One more time, all my congratulation for yesterday
Terima kasih banyak

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Choose The Right Music,We'll Play it For You!

Vicky and Friends Band has a wealth of experience performing at weddings, and we have lots of ideas to help you with every aspect of the music for your special day -
from romantic music for your wedding ceremony, to elegant background jazz for your champagne and photographs or a swinging dance set for your evening reception.
What kind of music do you want for your reception:
Jazzy Tunes??
Nat King Cole,Ella Fitzgerald,Frank Sinatra,Harry Connick Jr,Michael Bubble,Diana Krall...
If you know and you like one of those music they use to sing, you definetely like jazz!
Here are some repertoire that we used to sing. You might probably know the sound but yet have no idea what is the tittle, So here I put down the list (Courtessy grabbed from for you to easily choose the most romantic one for your wedding.
Just The Way You Are/std
The Nearness of You/std
I`m beginning to see the light/std
It Had To be You/std
The Very Thought of you/std
For Once in my Lifetime/std
I Love You For Sentimental Reasons/std
They Cant Take That Away/std
I`ve got you under my skin/std
The Way You Look Tonite
Dont Know Why(Norah Jones)
Never Gonna Let You Go(Sergio Mendez&...)
Isnt That Romantic
Fly me to the moon/std
Overjoyed (Stevie Wonder)/std
As Time Goes By/std
Kiss of Life(Sade)
Beyond The Sea/std
Quando-Quando(Bubble & Furtado)
They Can't Take That Away
Just The Two of Us
Baby You`re mine(Basia)
Moon River/std
What a Diffrence a Day make/std
What a Wonderful World/std
At Last/std
Sweet Love(Anita Baker)
To Fall in Love(Phill Perry)

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Lounge Piano

Piano Bar/Piano Lounge

A piano bar (also known as a piano lounge) consists of a piano played by a professional musician, located in a cocktail lounge, bar, hotel lobby, or office building lobby. Usually the pianist receives tips in a jar or basket on or near the piano, especially from patrons requesting a song. Some piano bars feature a baby grand or grand piano surrounded by stools for patrons (or, somewhat humorously, an upright piano covered by a counter that makes it appear to be a grand piano). Others have a bar surrounding the piano or keyboard.
There are different types of piano bars:
"instrumental only"
: the professional piano/keyboard player plays strictly instrumental music, which is usually classical, semi-classical, or "easy listening"; this type of piano bar is often found in hotel lobby lounges or "fine dining" restaurants; "
only the musician sings": the professional pianist sings to his/her accompaniment, usually on microphone, but no other singers are generally allowed; "the musician and waitpersons sing": the professional musician sings and also invites waitpersons to sing solos; "sing-along": patrons surrounding the pianist sing as a group, usually without any microphones, often preferring "standards" and "Jazzy tunes", or very old songs like "Beyond The Sea", "I Love You For Sentimental Reason", etc., but in some cases pop or rock;
"dueling pianos": usually on stage with two grand pianos, each played by a professional player who sings and entertains; humor and audience participation are prevalent; usually these types of piano bars have substantial sound systems, and most of the songs performed are rock and roll, "classic rock", blues, R&B, or country, played at very high volume. Howl at the Moon Piano Bar and Shout House Dueling Pianos are popular chains of this type of piano bar;

"open mic": individual patrons sing (on microphone) to the accompaniment of the professional musician; in some ways, this type of piano bar is like karaoke, except that the music is live and dynamic, and there are usually no lyrics available (although some piano bar players do supply some lyrics); like karaoke, the songs performed may cover a wide, eclectic range ("show tunes", "standards" from the 1920's forward, jazz, country, R&B, rock'n'roll, blues, folk, soul, disco, hip-hop, etc.); the patron singers are usually called to the microphone in a rotating order; often, each singer is allowed 2 or 3 songs each time he/she is called to perform; and "combination": some piano bars include the characteristics of two or more of the above, either on different nights or combined on the same night. For instance, at a "sing along" piano bar, a patron or wait person might sing a solo from time to time. Before becoming famous, Billy Joel sometimes worked as a piano bar performer. His classic hit "Piano Man" is based on his experiences as a piano bar player.
This kind of music is nowdays become a trend in mostly International Wedding worldwide.
For Wedding Ocassion Vicky and Friends also has a package we called:
Music Room/Lounge Piano Package
Contains of:
2 Singers
1 Pianist
1 Saxophonist
1 Bassist/Contra Bassist
1 Unit Sound System
1 Wireless Shure, 10 Cable Mics,Mics Stands,Book Stands, Speakers: BOSE,JBL,PEAVEY,RAMSA, RCF,DB OPERA Mixers: SoundCraft S8000, Yamaha MG3214FX, Yamaha EMX5000,Ramsa WRS4416, Amplifier: Marshall,Laney,Randall
(Usually Five Stars Hotels Like Grand Hyatt, Le Meredien, etc has a Baby Grand Piano that can be used by the wedding or they have include that in Hotel Packages. Though Some Hotel doesnt provide that.
Supposed that thing happened, you can contact me for rent.
Fore More info about this package you can contact Vicky at 0815-1892788 ; 021-68996539 or email at or

Chamber Music

Chamber Music is a form of classical music(nowdays people also play pop music), written for a small group of instruments which traditionally could be accommodated in a palace chamber. Most broadly, it includes any "art music" that is performed by a small number of performers with one performer to a part. The word "chamber" signifies that the music can be performed in a small room, often in a private salon with an intimate atmosphere. However, it usually does not include, by definition, solo instrument performances.

For Wedding Occassion Vicky and Friends Entertainment Offers you a Package called:
Chamber Music Package
Contains of:
2 Singers
1 Pianist
2 Violinist (1 Violin and 1 Viola)
1 Cellist
1 Flutiest
1 Baby Grand Piano (optional/can be exchanged with budgedted Electric Piano)
1 unit Sound System (speakers required depands on venue space and locations: outdooor or indoor)
Sound System Specs:1 Wireless Shure, 10 Cable Mics,Mics Stands,Book Stands, Speakers: BOSE,JBL,PEAVEY,RAMSA, RCF,DB OPERA, Mixers:SoundCraft S8000, Yamaha MG3214FX, Yamaha EMX5000,Ramsa WRS4416, Amplifier: Marshall,Laney,Randall.

For More Info Please Call Vicky at 0815-1892788 or 021-68996539(flexi) or email at,

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Wedding Music - A Few Tips

Wedding Music - A few top tips
1.It's good to book early, but there's no point in booking musicians too far in advance.
Bands do break up, get offered six month residencies or change personnel, and don't forget that that singer with the great voice might be the proud mother of week-old triplets by your wedding day! If you start booking a year in advance, you'll still have a very wide selection of bands from which to choose.

2.Be absolutely clear as to what you want the musicians to do.
You may have read about the unfortunate bride who wanted the theme music from Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves at her wedding. Her local organist, who was not a good player, was unable to play that piece but decided instead to play what he thought was a suitable alternative. The bride therefore found herself walking down the aisle to the strains of Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen!

3.Write everything down, and ask for written confirmation from the performers.
It's a good idea to ask the musicians to send you two signed contracts, one for you to keep and the other to sign and return to them. Alternatively, you may like to send contracts or letters of engagement to the musicians, asking them to sign and return one to you. The letter/contract should specify at least the venue (with directions), date and time, what the parties are providing (size of band? lighting? food? PA? electricity? etc), repertoire, contact names and numbers, fees and payment terms, and cancellation procedure and charges. All too complicated? Book through us and save yourself a headache!

4.Be realistic (part 1)
It's important to take lots of care in your planning, and to do everything you can to ensure that everything runs smoothly. However, if on the day you worry about every last detail and that all timings are adhered to rigorously, you'll have a miserable time! Some timings are important - you need to know when the musicians are going to arrive, and they need to know the latest time you'll want them to play, for example - but it's generally better to decide on a broad timetable and let the musicians know that, within this, flexibility on both sides is the watchword!

5.Be realistic (part 2)
Most bridal couples have a good idea of what they consider to be "good" music, and quite rightly want to have considerable input into the music that their band or DJ plays. But an experienced band or DJ will have a good idea what will or won't work at a wedding, and the sensible bridal couple, rather than specifying a definite and restrictive playlist, will seek to work with the band or DJ to agree on a broad format for the evening's entertainment, will agree a few specific requests with the band/DJ, but will leave the band/DJ to fill in the gaps. If you want to specify lots of specific tracks, book a DJ, not a band!

6.Remember that most engagements arise by word of mouth and recommendation, so it is in the band or DJ's interest to make sure that you're happy!